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Complete Dentures

COMPLETE dentures can totally transform your appearance for better or for worse, they affect your ability to chew and digest your food, your speech, self esteem and confidence.

Dentures are worn 18-24 hrs per day seven days a week and wear down accordingly, our gums continue to shrink even after tooth loss this leads to your jaws over closing a loss of facial height and sunken features.

It is recommended for this reason that you replace your dentures every seven years, the longer you keep your existing dentures the more difficult it becomes to adapt to any new ones.

In order to make natural looking dentures that give facial support and function properly, the correct size teeth must be chosen and they must be placed in the correct position.

At Smiles Cosmetic Denture Clinic we only use the finest materials, such as Ivoclar injection moulded denture bases for increased strength and improved fit.

All our dentures are designed and hand crafted by the Clinical Dental Technician providing your treatment, to your individual requirements.